​FlyingFoxCam in details.






FlyingfoxCam, all that AND a bag of chips!

FlyingfoxCam is packed full of features that will make getting those impossible angles easy and pain-free. For
example, the cable guides these simple pieces of metal are your guard against trees, branches and anything
else you might smack your FlyingfoxCam into. The unique shape of the cable guides, will simply pop the
FlyingfoxCam back onto the cable, ready for your retrieval, cool huh?

Ready to GoPro!

FlyingfoxCam comes ready for you to attach any of the GoPro( camera range. The mount is
fully controllable with 360 degrees of movement horizontally. This, combined with the motion of the camera down
the cable, is what will get you the gob smacking professional shots you crave. Not only is the mount there, ready to
go, but it's simple to control, and easy to use straight out of the box. Seriously, my Grandma could work it out.






Tough as Nails and about as simple!​

Made from the finest aluminium alloys, the FlyingfoxCam can take a pounding without losing functionality. Even if
you smash it hard enough to leave a dent, a pair of pliers will usually get you back on your cable and rolling. The
pulleys are high-speed ball bearing pulleys and for added toughness, they have a ceramic insert, perfect for action
movies! This toughness comes as a result of much testing and destruction – we're up to version 7 now, the last 6
didn't make the cut

Easy setup

A cable cam setup can take a day, sometimes longer. Trucks, generators, multiple cables, a big team and lots of cash.

The FlyingfoxCam can be setup and ready to shoot in the time it takes you to decide where the cable goes and stretch it between 2 trees. Multiple shots a day are no problem. Although we recommend Stainless Steel line, the cam can be setup on anything that can hold it's weight, and that includes clothesline at a pinch.

Even if pulley will jump off the cable, FlyingfoxCam is equipped with a cable guide system that will pop it back up on there for you, ready for the next take.

How does it work?

Since before the days of Sir Issac and his apple,

we have understood that if you put something

on a gradient  it will roll in the downhill direction. 

Simple enough yes?  Well, this principle applies

to the FlyingfoxCam as well.

Take your cable, attach it to tree #1

(or rock, or hill, or post, or whatever),

then take the OTHER end of the cable and

attach it to tree #2, making sure that one end

is lower than the other (gravity remember?).

Then you mount FlyingfoxCam onto the cable

with it's engines facing uphill, so you can bring

it back up the cable later.

At the downhill end, we advise you wrap a

jacket on the cable to slow down the cam at

least 3 meters before the end of the cable, this

is because no one likes to smash their new

FlyingfoxCam into a tree at 50 km/hr(or faster),

it's spectacular  but tends to be expensive.

If you need to brake going uphill, just ease

back on the throttle there tiger!  Momentum is

a harsh mistress, but gravity will do it's work

and slow you down.  If you need to stop this

thing in a hurry, just hit the emergency servo brakes, but please remember it will take a while to stop, as I said before, momentum is a harsh, harsh mistress.

As it's going down the line, you can fire up the engines to slow your descent, which will slow it down fairly quickly, but you will be fighting both

momentum AND gravity on this one, so don't expect it to stop in a hurry. 

It's not a good idea to use either full power or the emergency brakes for more than 10 seconds. (it might cause permanent damage to servos or engines). Generally is good to don't go over 70-80% of the throttle for better battery economy and longer engines/speed controllers life

The secret here is a gentle hand, and not letting gravity get the better of you.