Our Tilt Screen has been designed so that the monitor attached is 
always facing toward the crane operator at the optimal viewing angle,
no matter what movements are made with the crane.

Thanks to the built in gyroscope, the angle of the monitor is
constantly updated in relation to the position of the crane. 
Tilt multiplication can be easily adjusted by the gain knob,
located on the top of the device.

If you want to make further adjustments to the angle of the screen, this can be done
simply by rotating the monitor by hand, at any time you want. Software inside will keep
tilting the monitor proportionally to the crane position with your new adjustments.
So there is no need to ever calibrate it, or reset any settings.

Having to deal with all the various equipment on set, the last thing you want is another complicated device that you will have to spend extra setup time on. So FlyingFoxCam's
Tilt Screen has been designed to be as simple to use as possible.

Tilt Screen has been designed with one specific function. That is tilting the screen, and
it is doing this in the simplest possible way for operators - one on/off switch and a knob. 

Tilt Screen has been made out of a single solid block
of 6061 aluminium which was CNC milled to its final
shape for ultimate strength, quality and clean design.
It can be attached to the crane/jib by super clamp or
magic arm in one of two points, on the side of the
device or at the top.

Crane Tilt Screen