The Turnigy 6X is a great entry level 2.4ghz Transmitter and reciever that uses solid and reliable FHSS spread spectrum technology. The Turnigy 6X has both a nice quality look and feel, especially given it's low price, features include Retract & Flap switches, servo reversing, trims, charging port and Delta Mixing.

radio range test:

Turnigy 6X FHSS 2.4ghz Transmitter and Reciever

  • Turnigy 6X Transmitter Specs:
    Resolution: 1024
    Frequency: 2.4ghz ISM Frequency Range
    Modulation: GFSK
    Spread Spectrum Mode: FHSS
    Number of Frequency Channels: 20
    Hopping Rate: 125 jump/s
    Output Power: <=20dbm
    Working Current: <=150mA
    Working Voltage: 1.2v x 4 (AA/Nimh)
    Dimensions: 200mm x 185mm x 105mm

    Turnigy XR700 Reciever Specs:
    Channel: 7 (inc RX Battery Input)
    Frequency: 2.4g ISM Frequency Range
    Power: 4.5v ~ 9.6v/&lt30ma
    Net Weight: 11.5g
    Dimensions: 41mm x 28mm x 14mm

    4 x AA Type Battery For Operation