Look at this smooth shot, just look at it! This is just one of the shot's we've put this system up to. Looks professional right?

Because the FlyingfoxCam is driven by 2 very serious propellers, it doesn't start with a jerk or stop suddenly (well unless you put the brakes on of course). And with enough grunt to push the whole rig vertical, speed is never a problem with the FlyingfoxCam – and what's more, if you treat your throttle with love and care,
keep it as smooth as a baby's bum, the FlyingfoxCam will repay you for it, with smooth acceleration, no wobbles and just awesome shots, all the time.

When you get a shot smoother than a chocolate commercial, send it to us here, and we will put it up in the gallery for you, so that you and all your followers can look at it, and comment on just how smooth that shot is.