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High speed digital rope/cable counter


portable digital rope counter flyingfoxcam

Our advanced Digital Rope Counter has been designed to assist with work carried out in the field. It’s incredibly useful when long cables need to be laid (eg. fibre optic cables, electrical lines, plumbing and more).


The biggest advantage of digital versus mechanical/analogue methods is the precision and clarity of the measurements. 

The digital screen allows to check the measurements at any time, showing not only the length of the cable but also speed in meters/min and km/h.

Both those measurements allow the Digital Rope Counter to provide estimated time that’s needed to pull the required amount of cable/rope over the required distance.


portable digital rope counter flyingfoxcam

The built-in high quality optical encoder ensures the precision of the taken measurements making it incredibly accurate even at long distances.

The Digital Rope Counter is capable of measuring ropes, cables and pipes with  a maximum speed of 100km/h and length up to 99km.  


The Digital Rope Counter can measure ropes, cables, pipes between 1mm and 20mm diameter using a simple and quick height adjustment system.


The user-friendly simple design of the counter includes a rechargeable battery which will last for the entire day of operating which makes it portable.  It could  also be operated while connected to the charger.

portable digital rope counter flyingfoxcam

The Digital Rope Counter consists of 2 main elements: base and counter unit. This particular design ensures the device can be used where rope has been already deployed.


The Digital Rope Counter is precision CNC milled out of black anodized aluminium and includes stainless steel rollers, bearings and fasteners. Using those materials improve longevity and allow outdoor use while avoiding rusting.

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