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autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

The SPC-15 camera is a highly specialized camera system built and designed as an adaptable solution for a
multitude of highly complex filming and scanning operations.
This camera system can reach places far beyond the capabilities of any other cameras available on the market.
The SPC-15 camera is designed to be used in difficult to access places with the capability to withstand extreme
conditions. It can operate in any type of pipe from water, sewer and industrial wastewater through to oil and gas,
it is also designed to operate in fully submerged rock shafts and bore holes on land and at sea.

front autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

The camera has been designed to withstand submerged operating pressures of 500PSI with testing successfully
taken to over 600psi.The SPC-15 camera system is able to travel autonomously covering up to 60km of pipeline
on a single battery charge.
This camera system was also designed and built as a “Point Of Interest” (POI) 3D scanning device.
The patented modular design and patented propulsion system allow the camera to be configured to suit multiple
locations and scenarios. It can navigate through a variety of obstacles and is difficult to jam due to its unique
positioning system. The positioning system allows the camera to change shape and be able to navigate through
a partial blockage or adjust to an inconsistent pipe diameter or bend.

The ultra-bright forward light array is delivering 2734 lumen to support the high frame rate of the self-levelling camera.
Custom made battery management system allows the camera to operate continuously for up to 16h.

4k autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

Different models of the camera can record
high quality video at:

HD 1080 at 60fps,
HD 3k at 60fps, or
UHD 4k at 50fps.

accesorized autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

With the help of various attachments the camera can be pulled mechanically or be self-propelled by the flow of water or gas.
Various camera attachments make the camera system neutrally buoyant or positive, depending on the needs and
conditions of the project. Thanks to the unique shape and reverse recording it's near impossible for the camera to
get stuck downhole or get damaged by hitting unexpected obstacles.

The camera unit can be run in both directions autonomously while saving data via an on board memory card or it can be adapted to a live view system using fibre optic cable technology without compromising the ability to be propelled autonomously thanks to its innovative propulsion system

pressure resistant autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

In the rare case of serious damage or malfunction
of the camera system the videos are saved in 4GB
intervals, so they could be easily retrieved if
necessary. Additionally this helpful feature allows
for sharing or finding files of problematic sections
of the pipe with ease. The multiple 4GB files are
also more convenient for post processing and
editing than one large 128GB file

long range autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

The memory card with the capacity of 128GB, is conveniently
located at the back of the camera and will last for 8h when
recording in full HD 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second.
The Micro SD card included in the camera system can be
easily removed and viewed on any laptop or PC immediately
after retrieval (no need for specialized equipment). If filming
in the live feed configuration then the footage is obviously
recorded and available at the surface. Operators and
observers have the option to watch the live feed footage
via FPV headsets or on screen.

The SPC-15 camera system comes with a custom made, elegantly designed case which is convenient to carry
between sites and is easy to ship to any location worldwide via standard freight companies.

small autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam
NZ made autonomous pipe camera spc15 flyingfoxcam

The camera system is capable of POI 3D scanning. Sections of the pipes that need closer inspection can be
converted to 3D geometry when the camera is travelling at a slower rate.
To obtain the scanned data from the camera system it needs to be analysed and processed by our engineers.
With the use of sophisticated 3D scanning software, data can be converted into 3D models or unwrapped on to
a flat 2D image of the pipe or shaft.
It is a great additional tool that can measure anomalies to 0.01mm and help solve multiple problems such
measuring the angle of a pipe bend or the height of a misaligned joint. It can provide the location and
measurements of cracks and fissures in rock or be used to measure the volume of encountered obstacles

Camera Specifications:

Length 345mm
Diameter 49mm
Weight 1100g
Forward light 2734 lumen
Battery life 16h
Battery capacity 15,600mAh
Recording time in HD1080p 8h
Memory card 128gb
Optimal frame rate 60fps
Pressure rating 500psi (peak 600psi)
Self leveling
Anodized aluminium body (safe to use around explosive gasses)
Fully waterproof body
High quality video at HD 1080 at 60fps, HD 3k at 60fps, or UHD 4k at 50fps.

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