See that video? See how it looks like it was done by a professional film crew? Well it wasn't. This is footage from the new FlyingfoxCam, a simpler, lighter and above all cheaper alternative to cable cams, quad
copters and cranes. With the FlyingfoxCam, you can get shots like these for your next mountain bike quest,documentary or just to put up on Facebook for your Aunties. And you can get them in less than 2 hours.

Quick and easy to set up, light and robust, fully customizable and camera-ready, the FlyingfoxCam can give you the amazing shots you need in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to hire and setup a cable
cam, and with a fraction of the hassle and stress of a quad- or hex-copter. Fully remote controlled, simple to use and with pinpoint camera controls, the
FlyingfoxCam is perfect for any of your next projects.


Aluminium construction

FlyingfoxCam's all aluminium construction is proof again most mishaps you can throw at it, whether bouncing it off trees, dropping it from the cable or forgetting to brake, the frame has been researched and tested to destruction over the last 4 years. Not to mention the weight. Fully assembled and loaded with battery and a Gopro, the Flying Fox Cam weighs in at 1.6 kilograms. This makes transporting and setup a breeze.



FlyingfoxCam is at it's heart a remote control device, like a RC Car or plane.  As such, any and all of it's parts are fully customizable.  On no! You dropped it in a pool of water? 

No problem, new engines, servos, speed controllers can just be slapped on in there.  Because the FlyingfoxCam is built from common parts, you wont have to order replacements from the south east Asian warehouse and wait weeks for delivery.

Quick setup

A cable cam setup can take a day, sometimes longer. Trucks, generators, multiple cables, a big team and lots of cash.

The FlyingfoxCam can be setup and ready to shoot in the time it takes you to decide where the cable goes and stretch it between 2 trees. Multiple shots a day are no problem. Although we recommend Stainless Steel line, the cam can be setup on anything that can hold it's weight, and that includes clothesline at a pinch.

Even if you lose the cable, the FlyingfoxCam is equipped with a cable guide system that will pop it back up on there for you, ready for the next take.

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